The Shingles


Located on the border of The Heights and Midland districts of the city, the Shingles are a densely populated series of buildings, most inhabited by many families or left completely abandoned. Above, the rooftops are covered in jury-rigged catwalks, lines of laundry and homemade bridges of rope and boards. The upper floors of these buildings amid the messy jungles of chimneys, thieves, vagabonds and roof-runners commonly use these to travel quickly and efficiently, though they can be very dangerous. It’s not uncommon to come across nests of Imps, Stirges and Chokers when travelling along the rooftops

Edge of Anarchy

Trinia Sabor lived in the Shingles and even tried to flee on rooftop when the party came to apprehend her, prompting a chase across multiple rooftops.

The Shingles

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