The Great Fire

The Great Fire is recognized as the most disastrous event in Korvosan history, it occurred on November 13 4429 when Shoanti raiders brought pitch-covered and pitch-filled canoes down the Jeggare River and snuck onto Endrin isle. The first group to land consisted mostly of a handful of brave and suicidal warriors, with the element of surprise large portion of the wooden palisade of the fort palisade was set ablaze.

Weeks before the raid, a young girl named Alika Epakane had seen visions of the fire, even her own death and warned Lord Magistrate Waydon Endrin who contacted the Emperor of Cheliax who sent a flotilla of warships and entire regiment of soldiers to Fort Korvosa.

Sable Company, Korvosan Guard and Cheliax army were quick to react to the fire, but it spread so quickly that keeping it under control became difficulty. The initial wave of Shoanti warriors attacked during the efforts to keep it under control, and not long after a second wave of warriors landed on the island to try and capitalize of the settlement’s weakened state.

Fort Commander Keyra Palin attempted to get most of the ships out of dock in order to stop the Shoanti from crossing the river, though most of the fleet was already destroyed while in dock. The Commander would die when her own ship the Merciless burned while in defense of the settlement.

Lord Magistrate Waydon Endrin led the Sable Company marines in the charge against the landed forces, he would die during the battle and only two marines would survive.


The influx of Chelish soldiers prevented the Shoanti from gaining a foothold on Endrin Isle, but the casualties among them were high, Sable Company was forced to recruit from the newly arrived marines.

In total half of the civilian buildings on the island and one-quarter of the entire population perished, along with some of the settlement’s most beloved and greatest heroes. Alika Epakane was declared a saint and savior of the settlement.

The Great Fire signaled a large military shift for the settlement, rather than defending it from the Shoanti, the Korvosan Guard launched a major and concentrated series of offensives on the mainland resulting in the eventual Siege of the Grand Mastaba and expansion of the settlement into the mainland.

The Great Fire

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