The Cousins' War

Though the Cousins’ War didn’t openly begin until 4502, the events that caused it began in 4489 with the declaration by Lord Magistrate Remsev of House Ornelos, with the defeat of the Shoanti and security provided by the soldiers created a policy forcing more families to relocate onto the mainland in order to mend the cramped conditions on Endrin Isle. Many of the noble families moved onto the mainland with the military houses of Bromathan, Endrin, and Kroft claiming lands east of the river.

House Viamio taking advantage of the unrest, caused a group of disgruntled longshoremen to riot outside the home of Remsev Ornelos and sent hired assassins to slaughter him and his family. With the backing and promises of reconciliation, Amycus Viamio became the next Lord Magistrate. He used the time leading up to the Cousins’ War to recruit noble families that were allied to his own and have them travel to Korvosa.

The newcomers brought with them wealth for the most part, and a certain level of lawlessness and rebelliousness. Over the next 12 years, the population of Fort Korvosa doubled, bringing it to almost 8000 citizens, and for the first time the military and its support infrastructure found itself outnumbered. Starting in 4492, clashes steadily increased as the population grew and safe land became scarce.

Outbreak of the Conflict

Inadvertently, House Jeggare provided the means for House Viamio to start the conflict in 4502. Amycus Viamio approached them with a proposition of expansion to support the cities growth and feigned that they’re personal wealth had been mostly expended. The money provided instead went to hiring a private army of mercenaries, Shoanti warriors that remained in the lowlands away from their tribes whom were promised vengeance on the Korvosan military families and Goblins who were promised wealth beyond what they have ever seen.

Instead of announcing an expansion to the city, instead Amycus called for the holdings east of the river to be abandoned to allow for an easier defense of Citadel Hill. House Endrin refused, its representative laughing bemusedly, and Houses Kroft, Bromathan and Jeggare all immediately supported him. Amycus declared those noble families to be traitors to Fort Korvosa and the crown of Cheliax, gaining the allegiance of noble families that had recently immigrated.

When the word spread of the Lord Magistrate’s declaration, all the purchased mobs that House Viamio had bought sprang into action, setting ablaze the holdings of the house’s enemies. His mercenaries swept into the eastern holdings, a victory which would have further legitimized the Lord Magistrate’s claims and weakened his enemies, however Lord Endrin predicted this move and the entire garrison of the Korvosan Guard was already mobilized against it. In less than an hour, Viamio’s entire private army had been defeated.

The conflict was far from finished and the streets of Fort Korvosa degenerated into a war zone. Lord Endrin sat down with Amycus Viamio and attempted to negotiate a peace, however during these negotiations an assassin made an attempt on Lord Endrin’s life and instead the allegiances of the noble houses was split between the Separatist’s of House Viamio and the Loyalist’s lead by House Endrin.

In 4503 though, only four noble houses remained aligned with House Viamio. While Amycus managed to gain the advantage early and his mobs were effective at causing chaos, he soon found that he could not defeat House Endrin who had the entire military of the city at his command. Many of the noble houses who had rallied behind him had either perished or fled back to Cheliax, fearing the consequences of their defeat. When Amycus realized that his doom approached, he attempted to flee the town with the spring thaw, but he was captured by a Sable Company patrol, brought directly before Lord Endrin and never was seen again. It is said that Lord Endrin personally executed him.


With his desertion, House Viamio collapsed. The Emperor of Cheliax declared the entire family traitors and moved quickly to confiscate their holdings throughout the empire. Those members of Viamio who survived the war disappeared into dark dungeons, and houses that sided with Viamio, even if they later renounced that decision and joined the loyalists, were stripped of their noble titles, holdings and assets.

With the end of the war, the remaining noble families re-pledged their allegiance to the Chelaxian crown and worked together to establish a greater degree of unity among those of their class. In order to put its past tragedies behind it, the town officially dropped the word “fort” from its name, becoming simply Korvosa.

With the emperor’s attention now drawn to it, Korvosa saw a new influx of immigrants, though these were loyal to the crown and hoping to the fill the gaps left by traitors. Chelaxian ships arrived in ports almost weekly, bringing with them necessities and luxuries the damaged industries of Korvosa could not provide. Those ships returned to Cheliax laden with the riches of Varisia, from fine textiles and gold to Thassilonian relics.

A century of relative peace, broken only by infrequent Shoanti raids allowed the city to prosper. This peace would last until the death of Aroden shook the world and divided the empire of Cheliax.

The Cousins' War

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