Korvosan Holdings

Korvosa is a city-state and exerts direct control or strong influence over much of southeastern Varisia. It competes with Magnimar over spreading its influence westward, the following are holdings that it currently controls. Though some existed before, most were built after the defeat of the Shoanti after the Last Shoanti War when most were forced to flee to the Storval Plateau ensuring greater safety for the lowlands.

Main Holdings

Other Holdings

Commune of Abken

Founded as a commune by peace-loving citizens who fled Korvosa’s strict and militaristic leadership. The walled compound does pay taxes in the form of a variety of foods and occasional shipment of illegal cabble-weed and flayleaf. These payments usually occur when the town is reminded, such as when the leader of the nearby garrison of Korvosan Guards is in a bad mood.

Town of Biston

The fisherman and farmers of Biston reside in a series of caves within a stone cliff abutting Lake Syrantula. It was founded by a Korvosan adventurer by the name of Jhenni Biston when her and her comrades cleared out the cave. The town sought independence from Korvosa in 4658 which resulted in conflict during a separatist rebellion. Half of Sable Company and an entire regiment of the Korvosan Guard crushed the rebellion and established martial law. All of the agitators and rebels were dragged back to Korvosa, where they universally faced death. Martial law has only been recently lifted.

Village of Baslwief

The mining village of Baslwief was founded by Jayden Baslwief who was a surveyor and cartographer. In 4563 he petitioned Korvosa for a charter and founded the village, whose mining augmented the flow of metals to the city and competes with Janderhoff.

Town of Melfesh

Korvosa’s largest inland holding, Melfesh controls the Runtash River with a massive drawbridge. The town charges tolls for ships wishing to pass, partnering in trade with Janderhoff, which receives a tax cut. Ships from Magnimar pay a much higher toll than those from Korvosa or from foreign countries. These tolls have led to heated exchanges before, prompting a large garrison in the town, it is also the most heavily defended inland Korvosan holding, providing military support to Biston and Baslwief.

Village of Sirathu

Wrested from Kaer Maga with the Treaty of Sirathu in 4663, it is the poorest of Korvosa’s holdings and many wonder why it continues to exist. It is rumored that the village is led by a young girl blessed with power given to her by Pharasma.


The second-oldest Chelaxian settlement in Varisia, and depends on Korvosa for trade and support, and in return it provides naval protection. It is the primary defense of Conqueror’s Bay and hosts the prestigious naval academy where it trains the best sailors and ship captains in Varisia. It also has a large chain that an immense winch allows to effectively block the bay from ships. To date, Veldraine has only needed to use the chain once, during a raid by Riddleport pirates in 4685 but it stands at the ready to use it in 4708 if ships from Cheliax and Magnimar currently performing a blockade ever attempt to enter the bay.

Korvosan Holdings

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