House Kroft

General Arvenian Kroft came to Korvosa with the Cheliax Imperial Army when Waydon Endrin requested reinforcements after hearing about the visions of Alika Epakane. He battled the Shoanti during the events of The Great Fire. Rather then return to Cheliax afterwards, General Arvenian Kroft took up the title of Fort Commander temporarily and assisted with reforming the Korvosan Guard and Sable Company. General Arvenian Kroft led the army during the First Battle of Mainshore, however he was killed during the Second Battle of Mainshore when he refused to give up ground to the Shoanti.

For his bravery and service, the Emperor granted his family who remained in Cheliax the noble status, though his son would sail to Fort Korvosa and enlisted to fight in the Third Battle of Mainshore.

House Kroft declared for House Endrin during the Cousins’ War and since has had very close relationships with the other military families. The current leader of House Kroft, Lady Cressida Kroft is also Field Marshal of the Korvosan Guard.

Notable Members

House Kroft

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