Gray Maidens

The Gray Maidens are an elite, all-female bodyguard and military unit created by Queen Ileosa Arabasti and is under the command of Sabina Merrin.

Seven Days to the Grave

The Gray Maidens have been assigned to assist the Queen’s Physician in all their duties and the Korvosan Guard has been placed under their command. The Gray Maidens have destroyed the bridges to Old Korvosa to forcefully quarantine the island from the rest of the city. Several Gray Maidens were found guarding a facility that was serving as a base for the Cult of Urgathoa.

Escape from Old Korvosa

Queen Ileosa has declared the Gray Maidens the primary military faction in the city, giving them authority over the dwindling Korvosan Guard and disbanding the Sable Company. That very day they took to the streets and attacked the Great Tower in force. A Gray Maiden force landed in Old Korvosa to attack the party, and their warships attempted to hinder their escape.

Notable Members:
- Sabina Merrin

Gray Maidens

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