Eel's End

Eel’s End is a clot of ships at the eastern end of the Narrows on Old Korvosa, a tangle of five ships permanently moored to one of the longer piers there under the rule of a man named Devargo Barvasi, known to many as the King of Spiders for his strange empathy with the long-legged creatures. The four smaller ships run various businesses:

Goldenhawk: A flophouse for drunkards and derelicts.
Twin Tigers: A raucous gambling hall.
House of Clouds: A brothel.
Dragon’s Breath: A drug den.

The largest of the five is Eel’s End itself, a decommissioned warship that serves as Devargo’s headquarters and the base of operations for his various underground pursuits. Devargo maintains just enough legality to keep the Korvosan Guard from interfering with all of the businesses in Eel’s End.

Edge of Anarchy

Darien and Juzam both visited the House of Clouds in Eel’s End. The party went to gain an audience with Devargo Barvasi to negotiate for some incriminating documents he was in possession of and managed to get it after a couple games of Knivesies. Juzam is a very regular patron of Eel’s End.

Eel's End

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