East Shore


East Shore is the area mapped across the Jeggare River

East Shore was the last area of Korvosa to be built and was also the most controversial, the military families felt quite safe enough from Shoanti attacks to expand the settlement across the rivers and even relocated their own family houses to the new area of the city. Lord Magistrate Amycus Viamio called for the section to be abandoned due to it threatening the safety of the city, using this as a reason to oppose the military families and attempt to discredit them as traitors. This led to the events of the Cousins’ War.

East Shore is predominantly residential, forcing citizens to cross into the main city for most of their shopping. Its buildings are also among the newest and most expensive to live in.

Other Landmarks

Theumanexus College

The campus of a small wizarding school occupies the grounds of the former manor of House Galdur, a supporter of House Viamio who was stripped of his noble title and had all his lands declared forfeit by the Emperor of Cheliax. This school is generally attended by those who cannot pass the strict entrance exam at the Acadamae or couldn’t afford the expensive tuition. Students and faculty of the Acadamae generally look down on those of Theumanexus.


East Shore’s only inn, though it only contains 12 two-person rooms in addition to its large, cozy common room. The one-armed innkeeper is a retired member of the Korvosan Guard named Portenus Gaskelinni, who happily tells the story of how a Shoanti berserker relieved him of his appendage just before he returned the favor and relieved him of his head. Twice a month his Guard buddies stop in and reenact the skirmish with wooden swords for amused audiences.

Shoreline Drinkhall

The most popular tavern in East Shore, owned and operated by House Endrin, it is commonly visited by members of the Korvosan Guard and Sable Company. Shoanti often visit the tavern with the intent of starting bar brawls rather frequently though no fatalities ever occur under the watchful eye of its owners.

East Shore

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