Arkona's Manor

Arkona’s Manor is among the oldest buildings in Korvosa, House Arkona built the manor with their dwindling funds and eventually was expanded into the largest building in Old Korvosa when their ventures in Vudra proved to be profitable.

The original Rakshasa decided to reconstruct the manor in the image of a Vudran palace and also built an extensive labyrinth in the basement to be used against enemies.

Vivified Labyrinth

The Vivified Labyrinth was created by Rakshasa that infiltrated the Arkona family, it is an incredible marvel of both arcane magic and engineering. The first rumors of the labyrinth came during the the Cousins’ War with many claims of imprisonment, most of which were true but as House Arkona was on the winning side, no investigation was ever performed.

Escape from Old Korvosa

The party entered the Vivified Labyrinth and managed to defeat Vimanda Arkona and recover the imprisoned Vencarlo Orisini & Neolandus Kalepopolis.

Arkona's Manor

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