Cerulean Society

In Korvosa forming any kind of labor or trade guild is illegal, but the Thieves’ Guild has been given legal approval by the government, something that enrages others who wish to form them.

The cost of doing business with the Cerulean Society isn’t completely based on gold, but the guildmaster seems to have his own odd formula when it comes to cost. Protection services are available to all noble houses, this is the most legitimate that the Cerulean Society gets, even providing those who perform this service with blue uniforms.

Clients who owe the guild money open themselves up to the gangs of cat burglars and second-story men allied with the guild, though not paying does not immediately guarantee theft as doing so would make it too easy for the Korvosan Guard to arrest their allies.

In addition to blatant extortion, the Cerulean Society also generates income by regulating the other gangs in the city, those who pay are legitimized by the guild and benefit from its protection, while those who can’t or won’t pay the dues don’t last very long.

In addition to these services the society operates secret gambling dens. using their vast information network to divulge its location. The society has an extensive drug empire and also oversee the importation of weapons, necromantic and demonic goods, and unusual creatures.

For reasons unclear, the thieves’ guild only operates on the mainland and in East Shore. It never seeks out protection clients in Old Korvosa and rarely sends members there, except to collect dues from gangs.

They are responsible for most of the illicit imports in the city and run a Black Market filled with drugs, poisons and magic items. Most of the organized criminal enterprises in Korvosa are financed or run through the society.

Edge of Anarchy

Darien Nith managed to locate the secretive black markets of the Cerulean Society.

Escape from Old Korvosa

It was revealed that House Arkona was directly in control of the Cerulean Society.

Cerulean Society

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