Brotherhood of Bones

The Brotherhood of Bones is a sect of the faith of Zon-Kuthon who seek the fragments of the warlord Kazavon that were spread across the world on the order of the hero of Lastwall.

Before the Campaign

The Brotherhood of Bones was founded to track down and find these relics, though they have had no success until recently one began to act up in Korvosa. The Brotherhood had their agents in Varisia, Laori Vaus become active in response while Shadowcount Sial traveled from Nidal to join up.

Escape from Old Korvosa

Laori Vaus was tracking down an artist named Salvator Scream whose paintings had shown signs of Kazavon’s influence, but she realized that procuring him would be more difficult then she initially believed.

A History of Ashes

Shadowcount Sial arrived to help the party when they were being attacked by the Red Mantis Assassins in the dead of night, however disappeared almost immediately. He also ran into them later when they were fleeing the Acropolis of the Thrall Keepers and gave them a ride on his Bone Castle.

Notable Members
- Laori Vaus
- Shadowcount Sial

Brotherhood of Bones

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