Blood Veil

The Blood Veil is the common name for the plague that ravaged Korvosa. It takes its name from its most apparent symptom, a rash and mask of blisters that covers the face. In its initial stages, the disease is characterized by headache, fatigue, coughing, and the aforementioned rash. As it progresses, the cough becomes more obtrusive, the rash spreads to the neck, face, and limbs and develops into pox-like blisters, and the lymph glands swell into painful buboes. At its most advanced stage, the blisters grow to the size of grapes or larger, internal bleeding creates black patches on the skin, and blood is expectorated. Ultimately, a most unseemly, wheezing death occurs. If left untreated, blood veil kills the average human in approximately 7 days.


The Blood Veil was synthesized by Dr. Reiner Davaulus using a different disease, Vorel’s Phage which was purchased from the Skinsaw Cult in Magnimar. It’s origin comes from a failed attempt at lichdom of a wizard named Vorel Foxglove, the intervention of his wife caused his soul to be bound manor and this infection was created from this transformation.

Though much more deadly in its original form, it was far less infectious and the new strain was created in order to perform a weaponized attack on Korvosa. The Cult of Urgathoa used it to infect several coffers of coins, some loaded in a Chelish ship so that when the Korvosan Guard sank it they would float towards the coast and the rest was deposited into the Bank of Abadar so that it may both be spread quickly and also to target the strongest faction that could combat the virus.


The Queen’s Physicians under the guise of creating a cure, instead helped the disease continue to spread and tried to create a more powerful strain. Ramoska Arkminos however under the guise of researching a more powerful strain easily created a cure to the disease, in case he would need it as a bargaining chip but also attempted to research a way to cure his vampirism.


Some Varisians were oddly immune to the Blood Veil entirely, Ramoska looking into the notes the Skinsaw Cult gave with the original exchange of Vorel’s Phage took note that his wife was a Varisian woman and that her interruption of his ritual might have granted distant blood relatives an immunity.

Seven Days to the Grave

The Blood Veil ravaged the city for many days and before a cure was spread out it had claimed over three-thousand lives. Ramoska Arkminos had synthesized a cure and used it in order to barter with the party to let him walk free. Keith Carlsburg replicated the cure and with the Church of Abadar assisted in spreading it to the public, thus ending the plague.

Blood Veil

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