Necromancer's Apprentice


Before the Campaign

This foul Derro is the cruel leader of the group living below the Gray District, they had inhabited the caves for quite some time and took to kidnapping surface folk for food and pleasure. They we’re outmatched when they attempted to do so against the necromancer Rolth, but after encountering Vreeg they managed to strike up a bargain allowing Rolth access to their part of the catacombs as a lab in return for teaching Vreeg his magic. While Rolth is around, Vreeg acts like a laptop following him around and attempting to learn everything he can but when he is absent, he becomes mean and lazy again balking orders from his armchair and tormenting the ogrekin Cabbagehead.

Edge of Anarchy

Vreeg refused to leave his chair while the party was scouring his catacombs, but when they encountered him they entered into a long battle with him until his resources we’re depleted and he fled into the caves to unleash the Carrion Golem. It’s unsure whether or not Vreeg died to the bleeding, or from the cave in that occurred not too long later.


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