Juzam Al-Khalim

Bound Ifrit Noble


A bronze and red skinned man with hair like living flame, Juzam stands tall and proud riddled with jewelry, metal and fine silk robes. His eyes betray his non human heritage as they seem to smolder and rekindle themselves naturally. While still an Ifrit his body is lithe and fit; a testament to growing up and working long hours in the rough and unforgiving world of the Plane of Fire.


Not much is known about the strange Ifrit who was found chained in the hideout of a now deceased crime lord. While he does love to talk and postulate, he very rarely brings up his past; opting to dodge the question entirely or simply smile and laugh instead. A lover of fine spices, wine, marketplaces, dancers and drugs; he chooses to live every day as if it may be his last and tries to ensure that as many people can join in and live as possible; a stark juxtaposition to his orderly attitude in matters of politics.

His regal air and arrogant nature is generally attributed to his noble upbringing. While born from a human mother and raised among a now fallen efreeti house in the City of Brass, he rarely brings up his human side unless it proves to be useful as a tool. He looks down on the poor masses and believes that order can easily restore Korvosa to it’s former glory if the right rule were to come into power. What he is doing in Korvosa isn’t something he answers but in his stupor upon returning to consciousness he mentioned something about a binding and vengeance.

Despite this and his penchant for pyromancy, he owes the group his life and will not leave them until his oath is complete and he grants them their truest wish; a power which was taken from him upon getting bound here.

Juzam Al-Khalim

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