Hookshanks Gruller

Cruel Gnome Thief


Before the Campaign

Hookshanks is an oddity of his kind, in Korvosa most Gnomes go on to study at the Acadamae in magical arts but having no interest or patience for such things most of Hookshanks youth was spent on pranks and scams, until one day he managed to implicate his family in one of his cons which resulted in his siblings expulsion from the Acadamae and himself getting disowned.

Despite this, Hookshanks continued to do what he did best, uninhibited by family ties he became very adept at disguising himself as a child and using this to extort money from folks seeking to help the suffering orphans of Korvosa. However one day he managed to get himself tangled up with Lamm’s Lambs and Gaedren saw through the deception, however rather than feed him to Gobblegut as he usually would, he instead offered him a job working for his deplorable gang.

Edge of Anarchy

Hookshanks tried to stay disguised among children and when they noticed he wasn’t quite what he seems, he tried to cut one of them but had no success. This led to him being tied up and brutally interrogated until he spilled information on Gaedren, then he was knocked out right after.

Hookshanks Gruller

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