Glorio Arkona

Head of House Arkona


Before the Campaign

Glorio Arkona is the head of House Arkona, he is in charge of family affairs and all of its trade dealings. House Arkona is the wealthiest family in Korvosa among the nobility, their trading with the distant land of Vudra has put them in the trade of exotic goods, some of which are questionably legal but despite the fact that it is common knowledge that Glorio can be linked to the shiver drug trade. Despite this much of his wealth is used to build low-income housing and feed the poor in Old Korvosa which has made the family very popular, as they even go as far as to tear down their own infrastructure such as brothels and taverns that they own to make room for new housing, though some suspect this is done as a means to gain the public’s favor for them to take the Crimson Throne for themselves.

Escape from Old Korvosa

It is revealed that Glorio and by extension House Arkona have been fighting for control of Old Korvosa. The party was invited to spend a night at Arkona’s Manor, during which Juzam got intimate with Glorio. After requesting the party deal with his rogue sister, Vimanda Arkona, Glorio was true to his word and paid what he had promised, and also told them that should they need his support in the coming conflict, that he would gladly assist them.

Glorio Arkona

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